Phase 1: The Astroturf & Netball / Tennis Courts

Astro HandoverA full size FIH (101.5m x 63m) astroturf was built onsite over the course of summer 2014. This was in large part thanks to the generosity of a small group of parents. Their philanthropic support meant that we were able to bring forward the build by 2 years enabling this facility to be available to the pupils for almost all of the current academic year – much sooner than we hoped for. The school built simultaneously 3 additional netball courts which can also be used for tennis, and installed floodlighting for both the astro and netball courts.

What it now means for us:

  • We are now able to host Home hockey matches
  • The additional netball courts enable us to host tournaments and field more teams on a better quality surface, and include more pupils in competitive sport
  • There are now more opportunities for more pupils to play tennis - the astro will provide 9-12 tennis courts for use in the Summer Term
  • Both the astro and the new netball courts are floodlit to enable play to continue in the winter months up to 8pm
  • The astro is a fantastic all weather facility, invaluable when the grass pitches are frozen or waterlogged
  • It will ensure the schools remain competitive in attracting good sportsmen/women


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