(Tue 6th) On day one, the tournament hadn’t yet started, we were settling into our accommodation at the university. We headed to the stadium to watch other world cup teams play, such as Costa Rica and China, teams that we had never seen play before.

(Wed 7th) Day two also had no matches for our team, this involved us supporting other England teams in the world cup as well as a fun afternoon of bowling and thrift shopping in the city of Peterborough.

(Thu 8th) Day 3 was our first day of matches. We played two American teams. This involved a very traditional trip in an American yellow school bus. We were placed in a pool of three teams and won both of the matches convincingly, placing us in the top division for the next stage of the tournament. In the top division, we had four teams in our group. Knowing that all of our next matches were going to be tough, we fought hard, narrowly losing the first match to a very competitive US team (PSS) who went on to win the tournament. We then, however, went on to win the second match of the day against the second team of our division.

(Fri 9th) Day 4 we had our final division game, closely losing the match. This caused us to miss by-passing the quarter finals, meaning we had to wait until the end of the day to play in the quarter finals. Luckily, after a big nudge from our coaches, we won and were through to the semi-finals.

(Sat 10th) Day 5 the semi-final had arrived and we were yet again placed against USA team PSS, who narrowly beat us to the final. With many of our team frustrated, we were not going to let the Bronze slip away. We played a team who had previously beaten us in the division 1 match, however, this time we won the match 10-6, securing us the Bronze medal! The rest of the day was spent supporting team England in their semi-final of the world cup. We had a team supper at an Italian restaurant in Peterborough followed by a street festival with live music.

(Sun 11th) Day 6 of the trip was our time to travel home. However, we all fitted in a swim in the river before our bus arrived. On the way to the airport we stopped at a large shopping mall so we could all fulfil our North American shopping cravings before we left for the UK.

Ella and Annabel (UVI)

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