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CFT Enrichment Scholarships

The Application Process

Application Form PDF

You need to fill in the application form and provide supplementary documents giving all the detail of your planned project. This includes costings of the activity, other efforts at fundraising and any other applications to grant-giving bodies.

EnrichmentYou will be invited to an interview with the Selection Committee; please bear in mind that the Selection Committee will take the quality of your presentation into account. The interviews will take place at the beginning of the Summer Term.

If successful, an award typically between £250-£1500 will be made. This is a grant and not a loan.

In return for the grant, you will be obliged to provide a report and photographs of your project/ expedition/trip. This must be done within two months of completing the activity. The report’s content may be reproduced in whole or in part on the CFT and St Mary’s Calne websites, newsletters and other publications. You may be invited to come back into school and give a talk to current Sixth Formers thus promoting the scheme as well as providing inspiration and guidance to other Sixth Formers.



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