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CFT Enrichment Scholarships

Jessica volunteers in Zambia with Homes For AIDs Orphans

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Isabella's - RADA’s Young Actors Summer School – Exploring Shakespeare, 2018











Isabella in 'A Midsummer Nights Dream' 

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Amelia's - U19 England Tour to the USA

Amelia Hatlapa Team

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Serena and Daisy's Africa Teaching and Volunteer Project 2018/19

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Mimi Habib volunteers at the Nannkuse Wildlife Conservation Sanctuary

Mimi 2018

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Maia Attends Eton Choral Choir Course 

Eton Choral Choir

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Alice's enrichment trip to China

Enrichment trip to China

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Jemima and Iona take part in World Cup Lacrosse Festival

World Cup Lacrosse Festival

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Jess, Sassie and Eve help children in Nepal

Nepal Enrichment Scholarship

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Hannah attends Eton Choral Course

Hannah Drew














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