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Making a Difference

Carol Singing At St Mary’s Calne and St Margaret's Preparatory School we are fortunate to have a community of parents, alumni and supporters who are passionate about the future and the continued evolution of the schools. Through fundraising we are able to offer the outstanding education received at both schools to a wider group of children. In addition, we are able to realise additional projects, sooner than would otherwise be possible, that have the broadest impact on current, as well as future, pupils.

Choosing the right fund for your donation

By including a range of funds, The Calne Foundation Trust gives you the opportunity to donate to the cause closest to your heart. At present, there are four main funds:

All funds raised are ring fenced and kept separate from main school finance, and the CFT acts as a vehicle for collecting, holding/investing, and dispensing sums donated for the benefit of both schools.

As a donor you may be assured that your donation will be held in a fund of your choice.  

The running costs of The CFT, including the costs of the Development Department, are paid for by the schools as part of the running costs. This means that every penny raised will be applied for the purpose for which it was donated.

As The CFT has charitable status, it qualifies for Gift Aid and other tax benefits. Therefore any donation you make to The Calne Foundation Trust will be deployed to be of maximum benefit to the schools and to you, as a donor.




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