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Eve Webster, St Mary's Calne Student 2010-17

I attended Calne throughout my secondary school education and very much appreciate the opportunities the school provided.

I would particularly like to highlight the huge effort and commitment of the teachers I had throughout my time at St Mary’s, especially during the sixth-form. It was a real privilege to be taught by people who are not only passionate about their subjects but also teaching itself. I have no doubt that this was instrumental in helping me to secure a place at Oxford.

Thanks to the school trips offered by Calne I have also been able to travel and explore an impressive number of exciting locations, from the Himalayas to the Kremlin, from the Temple of Concord in Sicily to the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. The trips I participated in were only a small number of those arranged by the school. These were of huge use to both my education and my cultural understanding.

Being at Calne also encouraged me to take far greater responsibility for myself and my education. The substantial amount of work we were given ensured that I quickly developed time-keeping and organisational skills which other schools may not have demanded at such a young age. While the teachers and pastoral staff were usually understanding when pupils found it difficult to keep up, the life-style at Calne motivated me to always be busy and productive but equally has provided me with the necessary skills to ensure that I can be with relative ease.

I really enjoyed my time at Calne and it has certainly helped to shape me academically and personally.



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