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Alice Pennington, St Mary’s Calne Student 2011-2013 

Alice PenningtonThrough the generosity of the Adelman Foundation, I had the incredible opportunity to study at St Mary’s Calne during my Sixth Form years. It is difficult to explain how much of a positive impact studying at the school has had on all aspects of my life, but I shall try! I went to St Mary’s with the aspiration to read Medicine at University; an ambition that sounded far-fetched in my previous school. However, at St Mary’s, which combines an excellent academic and extra-curricular education with a really good support network, I succeeded in achieving my goal; to study Medicine at Cardiff University.

I am so very thankful for the outstanding teaching in all of my chosen A Level subjects (A2 Biology, Chemistry, Maths and AS Physics), allowing me to gain the breadth and depth of knowledge necessary in these subjects beyond that which can be found in textbooks. Similarly, the guidance I received in making my applications to university was invaluable.

Outside of the classroom, St Mary’s is just as strong. As a singer I loved getting involved, via the Opera Group, Vocal Ensemble and Senior Choir, in the many concerts put on throughout the year. The events and the lovely friends I made at Calne will forever cement these two years in my memory as the most enjoyable years of my entire school life.  What I miss in particular is the atmosphere of the school: the sense that you will achieve great things, and that you will go on to achieve even more, the positive attitude towards hard work and most importantly, the sense of a happy community spirit.

I feel very privileged to have been able to study at St Mary’s Calne and I am very grateful to the Adelman Foundation for making this happen; hopefully, I am now well on the way to fulfilling my ambition of becoming a doctor.


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