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Our bursaries directly support the educational needs of young individuals. Previous bursaries have included the Matthews Bursary Fund and the Adelman Fund.

The Matthews Bursary Fund
The Matthews Bursary Fund was set up in July 1946 to mark the retirement of Edith Marcia Matthews, who had been headmistress of St Mary’s for 30 years. 

The objects of the trust were to establish and maintain “a Bursary at St Mary’s School… to be awarded at the discretion of the administering trustees to girls, preferably the daughters of old girls entering the school", though beneficiaries were not exclusively limited to daughters of old girls.


The Adelman Foundation
From 2007 to 2013, The Adelman Foundation made available to St Mary's Calne a substantial annual award in order to support gifted students attending the Sixth Form at the school, giving them the opportunity of a top academic pre-university education they might otherwise be unable to access for financial reasons.

The Calne Foundation Trust is committed to the development of a general Bursary Fund which will offer similar support but to pupils of all ages, for present and future generations.

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