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Rosie Tian, St Mary's Calne Student 2007-2014 

Rosie TianI first heard about St Mary’s Calne from my head teacher at primary school. Under normal circumstances, my parents would never have contemplated sending me to a private school - however, my headmaster advised us about a foundation scholarship offering up to 100%, giving me a chance that I would never have had before. After visiting on an open day, we were so impressed with the friendliness and confidence of the girls, and the amazing facilities, that my wish to go there increased. When I found out I had won the scholarship I was ecstatic, and St Mary’s certainly lived up to all my expectations.

During my seven years I was offered an extensive range of opportunities that would otherwise have been unavailable to me. From playing in lacrosse and netball teams to discounted music lessons, allowing me to gain grade 8 in the oboe and piano, the ability to participate in a diverse range of activities remains a unique and wonderful trait about St Mary’s. The scholarship also included academic trips abroad, and with this provision I was able to visit Rouen, Poland, Rome, Seville, Naples and Athens, providing amazing experiences and memories.

My two sisters have now followed me in winning foundation scholarships. My elder sister is currently in her fifth year of medicine at Edinburgh University after a foundation scholarship for sixth form, and my younger sister is happily boarding.

As well as extra-curriculum, St Mary’s is very strong academically, with incredible teaching in small class sizes that helped me to achieve 11 ½ A*s at GCSE and 3 A*s at A-level. Upon starting the daunting journey of university applications the school offered invaluable support, which assisted me in attaining my lifetime goal of becoming a vet. Now studying Veterinary Medicine at Cambridge, I look back at my time at St Mary’s fondly, and know I will always be a Calne girl at heart.


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