Completed Capital Projects

LacrosseVision for Sport

The Sports Fund was established to support an important capital project for St Mary's Calne and St Margaret's Preparatory School. Sport plays an important part in school life and The CFT has been assisting the schools in their quest to improve and broaden the opportunities available to the pupils. The schools identified 4 areas where improvements needed to be made to ensure their Vision for Sport could be achieved and The CFT is delighted to have helped with the fundraising for the new full size astroturf, 3 additional netball/tennis courts and a large extension of the Sports Centre to provide an invaluable indoor PE space. This new facility opened in May 2018.  Read More


 LibrarySt Margaret's Library

This fund was established in 2008 when the Parents’ Association worked alongside the Headmistress and school to start raising funds to purchase books for a new library. The St Margaret’s Library provides pupils with a wonderful research centre and the opportunity for individual reading and studying to take place within a quiet environment.

The school has increased in size, particularly over the last four years, and the current library was not sufficient to meet the needs of a growing school. As part of the Library project, the ICT Suite was reconfigured and the Marketing and Administration Office was moved to create vital storage space, as well as an additional tuition room.

Helen Wright HouseThe Helen Wright House

Officially opened by the Marchioness of Lansdowne on 24th October 2008, the Helen Wright House, part of the new Sixth Form Centre at St Mary's School, is a spectacular building that has raised the quality of boarding life for the UVI form beyond all expectations. 

The Centre was enabled by the support and extreme generosity of the 135 Members (those who gave to the 135 Fund, set up to commemorate the 135th anniversary of the founding of St Mary's) whose names are listed on a plaque in the entrance of the House.

The Carolyn Shaw Swimming Pool

2000 saw the inauguration of the state of the art St Mary's School Sports Centre, with the addition in 2002 of the Carolyn Shaw Swimming Pool.

The construction of this stunning six lane 25 metre pool was made possible thanks to the significant donations made by the 125 donors (the 125 Fund marked the 125th anniversary of the founding of St Mary's). Special thanks must be given to the late Dr Mortimer Sackler (former St Mary's parent) and the Sackler family for their outstanding contribution.

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