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We are pleased to have joined up with School Notices, a digital noticeboard for independent school and their communities.  This replaces The LilyPad and is a much more sophisticated and far reaching digital communication.

The LilyPad has been very successful, over the past 5 years, in raising money for The Calne Foundation Trust and we are very grateful for your support.   

School Notices is free to join and, once registered, provides a platform where you can buy and sell goods, look for gap year jobs or work experience and advertise your business across an independent school parent platform, as well as raise money for The Calne Foundation Trust. 

This will be our fundraising replacement for The Lilypad going forward with 25% of any Calne Foundation Trust associated advertising being shared with us.

Please have a look at St Mary’s hub page and St Margaret's hub page and we encourage you to register online

Very many thanks for your support – we hope you will enjoy this exciting new opportunity.





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