In May 2018 we opened a new Sports Complex for the benefit of both St Mary’s and St Margaret’s, as well as many local youth and voluntary groups in Wiltshire. 

Our pupils have been able to enjoy a wide range of sport and leisure activities including Dance, Gymnastics, Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball, Football, Rugby and Team Games. 

To further extend and grow our range of activities we are planning to install a new climbing wall in the main sports hall in 2020.


A new climbing wall will offer our pupils further opportunities to develop key physical skills including strength, flexibility and confidence 

Climbing is widely recognised as a versatile, physically and mentally demanding sport. 

It can test a climber’s strength, endurance, agility and balance.  It also offers a fun, different and challenging activity for all age groups.

Outside of normal school hours, the new climbing wall will also be available to local community and youth groups as well as climbing clubs and for private party hire.


Click here for more information and to see the proposed design.

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