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The Royal National Children’s SpringBoard Foundation is the UK’s biggest boarding school bursary charity providing life-transforming opportunities in state and independent boarding schools for children from disadvantaged circumstances.  Pupils selected are not necessarily the most gifted academically but pupils who they believe would best benefit from boarding.

St Mary’s Calne joined the list of accredited SpringBoard schools in 2017 and two girls joined us in September 2017. 

We are actively looking for sponsors to help them with their journey through St Mary’s. 

Pupils accepted onto the SpringBoard programme, must meet the eligibility criteria:

• low income background (eg eligible for free school meals)
• genuinely disadvantaged (eg live in over-crowded accommodation, have a parent who is seriously ill, have only one parent who has to work all hours to support the family…)
• would best benefit from boarding.

Our ‘SpringBoard Girls’

Our SpringBoard girls visited St Mary’s in early 2017, were interviewed and sat academic assessments to ensure they would not struggle academically at St Mary’s. Both girls were really enthusiastic about joining the school.  The girls have high aspirations and they both come from households where education is highly valued. 
Both girls come from low income families and are eligible for free school meals.  They will need full funding during their time at St Mary’s.   Both girls are thriving at St Mary’s and can already be seen as a huge asset to the school.  We are currently looking for additional financial assistance for them, either by way of a donation to the bursary fund or a termly contribution towards one of the girl’s fees.  If you can help in any way to support the girls on their journey through St Mary’s, we would love to hear from you. 

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