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The Royal National Children’s SpringBoard Foundation is the UK’s biggest boarding school bursary charity providing life-transforming opportunities in state and independent boarding schools for children who need them the most: those that have faced challenging circumstances – children and teenagers in or on the edge of care, or growing up in households and communities where opportunities to flourish are limited.

St Mary’s Calne joined the list of accredited SpringBoard schools in 2017 and three girls have since joined the school and a further 2 will join in September.

We are actively looking for sponsors to help them with their journey through St Mary’s.

Springboard work across the UK’s boarding and independent school sector to expand the number of 110% bursary places (those that cover all fees and extras). They identify, prepare and support pupils to ensure that they will thrive, and through their work to date, they have demonstrated that their school placements have a profound and far-reaching impact:

  • Bursary placements propel young people from challenging backgrounds into careers and roles where they can advocate and influence for further advances in social mobility;
  • SpringBoarders challenge stereotypes and inspire others through the positive contributions they make in their school communities;
  • SpringBoarders go on to become role models as trustees and mentors, influencing those around them to raise their aspirations and see new possibilities, and impacting the communities and families in which they started.

Springboard provide support to ensure:

  • SpringBoarders thrive throughout their placements, including during the school holidays;
  • SpringBoarder alumni continue to aim high and realise their ambitions, navigate fulfilling careers and make positive contributions in their communities.

Their aim is to build a powerful movement of role models who raise aspirations and serve as an engine for social mobility.


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