Our Garden Designer - Sally Harley-Martin

For the last few months I have been working with the St Mary’s team to design a garden at the centre of the school. As a Garden Designer, this is my contribution to the Shaping the Future programme to improve the facilities and environment for our girls.

I was lucky enough to attend two secondary schools in the countryside, each with gardens and grounds. It was in the gardens that we took time out. We built friendships there. We took time to breathe.

Nowadays the value of going outside and green spaces is doubly important. This garden is designed to entice the St Mary’s girls, staff, parents and guests outside. At the heart of the school, the garden has social spaces and quiet places, places to build friendships or learn, and places just to be; some in sunshine, some in shade.

The garden is split into two rooms. The first is traditional in structure with a central sunken garden, referencing the school’s Lime Quarry heritage. It is multi-functional, for entertaining or just for a moment in the sun after lunch.

The second room is divided into individual little gardens of different sizes for social groups, lessons, a tutorial, a swing or just for a moment to breathe.

It has been my pleasure to donate my time to this special project.

The Shaping the Future programme benefits from the breadth of resources the St Mary’s community contributes to the school, whether in our time, experience, connections or funds. Please contact Cari Depla at cari.depla@stmaryscalne.org if you are able to join in helping to complete this project.

Sally Harley-Martin



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